Changing Strangers into Neighbors and Neighbors into Friends

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What is Cayuga Community Connectors?

A service of the Community Living Campaign

A FREE service – no fees or dues

A way to become a part of a neighborhood group

Who do you call when you:

 Need a tool?

 Need someone to baby sit?

 Need to borrow a teaspoon of spice?

 Need a ride to the pharmacy or help
     rushing to the store before it closes?

 Need someone to talk to?

 Want to share your talents and interests
     with a potential new friend?

Call, text or email Patti today at • 646-409-7775


It's already happening!

The sharing of skills and gifts has already started. With the simplest of needs two neighbors started helping one another.
One needed her garden weeded and her neighbor needed the use of a washing machine. Together they answered the needs of each other. You may also have a simple need or skill you enjoy sharing.

Over 45 neighbors signed-up and exercise together every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (9:45 -10:45am) at Bethel Church
located at 2525 Alemany Blvd. SF.

On Thursdays at 9:30am we walk around Cayuga Park together and at 10am some
of your neighbors are shooting basketballs together.

We also have monthly craft projects, computer lessons, lectures, pot lucks and field trips scheduled.

Meet a neighbor, find a connection, make
a friend.

Why do we need CCC ?

CCC creates extended family networks you can actually choose to join to enrich your life and your neighborhood.

This is a growing movement not only in this country, but worldwide as people become more mobile, often moving some distance from familiar surroundings, friends and families.

CCC offers workshops to learn a new skill or craft and gives you opportunities to share a talent or ability.

We can enrich each other’s lives as well as our own, but first we must find and connect with each other.

Who can join CCC ?

Anyone in the Cayuga Terrace area, as
well as nearby friends and family members interested in becoming a Cayuga Community Connector.

Cayuga Community Connectors (CCC)

Cayuga 社區联系

Would you like to participate in neighborhood activities? Watch a ballgame, exercise, learn new things, or share a potluck together?

CCC is a community-based program whose goal is to: Change strangers into Neighbors and Neighbors into Friends. Over 45 neighbors have already joined in!

Call Patti at: 646-409-7775 or e-mail:

你想參加社區活動吗?觀看球賽,運動,學習新的東西,或者聚餐在一起呢? Cayuga社區联系是一個以社區為基礎的計劃,其目標是:使陌生人變成鄰居和鄰居成為朋友。已經有超過45個鄰居参加了

致電 Patti:646-409-7775 和電

Transforming Lives by Building Aging
and Disability Friendly Neighborhoods


The Community Living Campaign empowers seniors and people
with disabilities to come together, organize, and use their many
skills and interests to reduce isolation and end economic and
other barriers to aging in their own homes and neighborhoods.

Contact CCC